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The Tao of Comedy: Embrace the Pause

“Too much has been said about stand-up comedy," claims comedian and comedy coach Bobbie Oliver. "I think it’s time someone said Nothing - which is why I have written The Tao of Comedy: Embrace the Pause."


Oliver tosses a grenade into the conventional wisdom regarding stand-up comedy books and classes, and gives the status quo a thorough shaking in her new book.  “My goal is to de-hack comedy, one comedian at a time,” she says.
Drawing on Taoist and Zen Buddhist philosophies, The Tao of Comedy is about comedy as art, not as a means to the perennial end: fame.

Check out Bobbie's new book and see comedy in a whole new way.
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The Tao of Comedy was reviewed on America's Comedy!
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What People Are Saying About The Tao of Comedy:  Embrace the Pause:

Bobbie in Pasadena Weekly


Maria Bamford:
“I wish I had The Tao of Comedy when I was starting out and am so glad to have it now! Bobbie’s book is the equivalent of a great headliner spending the week with you, cheering on your sets from the back bar.”
Wendy Liebman:
“Before writing this blurb, I was going to read the first sentence of the Tao of Comedy preface, but I ended up reading the whole freaking book- I couldn’t put it down! It’s that good. I am actually still holding it.’
Tom Simmons:
“I love The Tao of Comedy. I hope it sells a million copies. Actually, part of me hopes no one else reads it… cause then it will be my secret weapon. In ten years, you will be able to watch a comedy show and tell who didn’t read this book. He will be opening for the comic who did.”

This book is like no other stand-up comedy book out there. It does not give you stringent formulas for joke writing or promise to make you rich and famous. No gimmicks. No props. No wacky catchphrases. No false personas or one-dimensional characters. This book is about learning the art of stand-up comedy. Comedy as a spiritual path to disover who you really are and what you want to express. This path will make you a better writer, performer and businessperson, and help you lighten up a little in the process. Look at stand-up comedy in a new way. Come with me, grasshopper, and we will learn the Tao of Comedy.
Bobbie Oliver is a 25-year veteran stand-up comic, writer, producer and comedy coach living in Los Angeles. Owner of Tao Comedy Studio, Bobbie has taught comedy to hundreds of comedians in Los Angeles. She has appeared on ABC, TNN, Style, NPR, Comedy TV, Sirius XM Radio and was called one of “the best comics in America” by the New York Post. Bobbie has performed in comedy clubs, colleges and hell gigs all over America.

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